Is Tummy Tuck Belt a Scam? Video Reveals the Truth...And Discover the ONLY Scientificially Proven Abdominal Belt Available Online

Ensure That You NEVER Get Scammed and Waste Your Money!

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There are many people who are curious about the so-called Tummy Tuck Belt Scam. Well, is Tummy Tuck Belt a scam? Actually, this device is far from being a scam. As a matter of fact, it is a recent breakthrough in slimming down your waist. Before you listen to people who talk about the Tummy Tuck Belt scam, you should make certain to check out this product further so you can see for yourself whether this is a scam or not.
The belt is different from a tummy tuck surgery because it is non-invasive and non-surgical.

You need not go under a knife to achieve a slimmer waist. You simply have to wear this belt ten minutes everyday after you put on a thermal accelerator cream included in the system. You can also opt to wear the belt while you exercise or you wear it the whole day if you like. You will be amazed that in thirty days time, you are guaranteed of wonderful results. Users of this product claimed that it really works and within a month you will notice a big difference.

Some also claimed that the results are immediate and visible. Others happily claimed that they saw great results fast and that this product is perfect especially during swim season! The system is available in three fit sizes and a full thirty day Thermal Accelerator cream supply with instructional video that shows you step-by-step guide along with a 2-minute standing abdominal tummy tightening exercises. Below are the most often asked questions about this system:

  • What is a Tummy Tuck Belt?
    The Tummy Tuck Belt is a device that provides instant slimming appearance without surgery.
  • How often should I use it?
    You can use it twice daily in as short as ten minutes.
  • How does one get instant results using the belt?
    For instant results, one could wear it under clothes and is comfortable to wear throughout the day and provides instant slimming effect.

For those who talk about the Tummy Tuck Belt scam, most of them are only advertisements and not real reviews from actual people who have used this system. This belt does not only slim down your waist in a month’s time but also provides instant slimming look to your waist when you wear it.

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  1. kay cortese
    2 years ago

    plz- I am 60 yrs old and want to get rid of my celiac caused gut that I have had all my life. Is there a program for me? I am on disability.

  2. Jerry
    2 years ago

    This is a complete fraud! The pics on their commercial are not the same people before and after. I give them credit, the people look very similar, but if you pay attention there are Huge differences. Nose structures are different, hairlines are different, distances from the lower lips and the pony of the jaw are different lengths, moles are in different locations or are missing in one pic or the other. This is so ridiculous, but the depend on naive people who don’t pay attention to details. Don’t let them take advantage if anyone else!

  3. Sue
    2 years ago

    I’m interested in finding out about the best tummy tuck belt.

  4. kimberly nuss
    3 years ago

    How can I buy more accelerating cream? Been needing to buy without buying the whole kit?

  5. Mark Hudson
    3 years ago

    Not sure how well it works, but it is a ripoff by sending you product with no invoices and making it very difficult to cancel.

  6. JuneBug
    4 years ago

    If your under the age of 18, is it necessary to use it?
    As in would it harm your stomach in any way?

    • Patricia
      4 years ago

      Yes, I had a tummy tuck with lipo on my waste three years ago. There are mini-tummy tucks and full tummy tucks. I had the full one. Get a good consultation, that’s where you’ll see vueomls’ of photos of the plastic surgeon’s before and after operations.You’ll leave the hospital or surgi center throwing up. You’re supplied a plastic pail for that reason. SOMEONE has to drive you back you’ll be drugged and sick.For two weeks it is impossible to stand up straight. Even walking, you’d be in a semi-“L” configuaration most of the time. I WAS TOLD NOT TO RETURN TO WORK FOR 4 WEEKS. There is no pain equal to a tummy tuck~and I had a hysterectomy. Childbirth was a piece of cake compared to it.You’re responsible for the two drains inserted through your bandages, above your groin. They look like clear balls. These drains are a complete freak-out: One hanging from your right abdomen one on the left, they fill up with is a disgusting pink/clear fluid from your body.When you get home, they have to be emptied several times a day and night, I could not do this myself all the time so my husband did it for me. NOT PRETTY.Then the drains are removed. The pain is so severe when they do that it feels like two full-blown tooth aches. They too will leave scars which fade. Still, 3 years later, I can see two tiny red spots where they were.***You will now have a “puff area”. This is where your pubic hair is. It gets swolen and it could take 9 months for it to flatten out.The scar where you are cut, similar to a C-Section scar, is is big and ugly. It doesn’t go away immediately but gets lighter and lighter. Remember, you were cut, there you are stitched up, scabs will form, a scar will remain though it lightens through the years.OH, did I tell you your belly button is replaced too? Another red area to heal.Most operations are a success, but like any other major surgery there is risk. Tummy tucks are classified as Major Surgery. There’s a chance that an infection may set in. That happened to me and I was put on big doses of antibiotics.~~~The up side! Within a year, you’ll be able to wear a bathing suit, two piece even and look sensational. Clothes will look better, you’ll drop about 2 sizes in pants.The tummy flattens more and more through the next year, which is cool! Regular visits back and forth to the surgeon are a must.If you think you’ll remove your clothing 6 months down the road and have the sexiest body ever think again. Remember, the scar gos from hip to hip, your private area is obviously swolen, your belly button has been replaced and so that’s all red too.Now it’s 3 years later, the scar is so light it really can’t be seen. The puffiness is absolutely gone. The belly button looks better than new. Flabbiness doesn’t come back but you MUST watch your weight.Would I do it again, probably. It is a HUGE decision. Now I look sexier than ever, friends who don’t know look at my figure and wonder how I stayed in shape so well!The cost is $5,000 upward.

      • admin
        4 years ago

        Thank you for such a detailed analysis! This will surely help out our readers. Much appreciated :)